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Welcome to our Website!
USA Turf is the most reliable Grass/Sodding sales and services in the area as it was written in the magazine review by landscape designers and professional writers. With over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential lawns we can help you create your dream landscape! PALMETTO $165.50 a pallet. Raleigh St. Augustine $139.50,  Zoysia, Common Bermuda, &  Tif  419, Buffalo and many others available. We have a team to deliver, install, and any other care or services to complete your beautiful instant lawn, or you can do-it-yourself. Our services include sales, delivery, installation, and prep work. We sell  to the public , landscapers, builders, etc. and there is no min. order.  Grass can be loaded into the trunk of your car,  onto your pickup truck, or trailer. Some pallet orders can be delivered for as low as $40.00,  more depending on distance of delivery.  Installation is $40.00 per pallet. Call: (817) 473-8500 or email: info@abetterchoiceusaturf.com